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About Us

For the past 17 years we have been utilizing the services and collaborating on projects with Innovative. I appreciate the professionalism and quality that they exhibit in their business. Jess Campbell in particular has assisted Precision Pools & Spas many times on jobs where structural retaining walls were required just to create a space to install the customer’s swimming pool. This gives Precision Pools the ability to give the customer the desired product at a quality level that we trust and will not have to worry about in the future as to the durability of the engineered retaining wall. We also have the opportunity to provide the customer with high quality, beautiful paver pool decking which Innovative will install. This is a very popular choice of decking material with swimming pool customers for its durability and aesthetic looks. In working with Jess, we have always felt that he is competent and knowledgeable in the products and services that we receive from Innovative and he is always willing to help in any way to keep the job progressing to completion. My customers that have had Innovative’s services performed on their project are always happy with the finished product which makes Precision Pools & Spas look that much better!

Doug Heer President