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Innovative Companies was founded in 2001, under the name Innovative Excavation and has grown over the years to become one of the premier construction and exterior services companies in Utah. With a multi talented, diverse team of individuals, with over 120 years combined construction and outdoor environment experience, we have the ability to move onto a site, begin with the excavation, and end with the long term, year round property maintenance.

Our values are the keys to our success, we live and breathe them, for every project and every client and serve our customers with commitment, safety, trust, honesty and dedication.

Innovative Companies consists of 6 core divisions, Innovative Excavation, Innovative Retaining Walls, Innovative Hardscapes, Innovative Property Maintenance, Wasatch Topsoil and Salt Depot. We specialize in mass excavation, retaining walls, hardscapes, year-round property maintenance, landscaping, high quality topsoil and the production and distribution of our trademark salt de-icing products. Our clientele includes a wide range of general contractors, commercial property owners, wholesale distributors, municipalities and homeowners.

We look forward to serving all our customers, whether it be a large mass excavation project or a small hardscape paver project, we guarantee innovative concepts, innovative solutions and innovative results.

Innovative Companies consists of a multi talented, diverse team of individuals, with over 120 years combined construction and outdoor environment experience. Our highly distinguished leadership team is driven by a passion for continuous improvement, state-of –the –art technologies, and innovative methods. By exceeding our clients’ expectations Innovative is able to pursue new opportunities, which allow our employees to continue their personal growth and allow our company to expand.


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Darrin has been the driving force in the growth and development of Innovative Companies. His father owned and operated his own landscape business where Darrin learned the trade at a very early age. Darrin began Innovative Excavation in 2001 after working more than 20 years in the landscape industry. Darrin’s ‘get it done’ attitude while working in the landscape industry, and a desire to own a multi-division company led Darrin into the heavy equipment construction arena that specialized in mass excavation and retaining walls. Further expansion of the company led to a year-round landscape and property maintenance division, hardscape stonework and design division, topsoil and gravel division and most recently producer of high quality snow ~ ice melt products with the Salt Depot division. Darrin’s optimistic attitude and ability to envision ‘innovative’ concepts, solutions and results are the platform for continued success and growth of Innovative Companies.



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Rob began his career in property maintenance at an early age while mowing lawns in high school. Rob brings over 30 years experience in the landscape and property maintenance industry.  His commitment to delivering the highest level of service and his keen eye for detail has been his focus for over 3 decades.   In 2003, Darrin and Rob joined forces allowing Innovative Excavation to expand into a new division, Innovative Property Maintenance.  This expansion allowed Innovative to become a full scope company with the ability to move onto a site, begin with the excavation and end with the landscape and long term site maintenance. Under Rob’s leadership the Innovative Property Maintenance division has expanded services to include sprinkler repair and management, lawn fertilization, and property snow and ice removal which allows Innovative to provide the customer with a comprehensive year round landscape maintenance package encompassing every aspect of the property.



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Scott brings his analytical mind and years of experience to the company.  In fact, he has performed some sort of accounting function for nearly every company for which he has worked.  Starting in his teen-age years, he has been compiling sales data, reviewing job costs and looking for relevant insights.  As the Controller, he is constantly looking for ways to improve processes, control costs and produce more useful data.




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Ben has spent his entire career in construction. He did woodworking and furniture building in high school.  He started his career as a carpenter in residential and commercial projects.  He then transitioned to working as an estimator in the industrial sector for a large national general contractor. He estimated civil, concrete, structural, mechanical and piping work at power plants, mines and processing facilities across the western United States, totaling more than $100 million per year.  He completed his undergraduate education at the University of Cincinnati earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management.  He also has earned a Master of Engineering degree in Construction Engineering Management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  Ben enjoys using his knowledge and experience learned from large scale industrial construction projects to help grow the excavation division.




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Jess has been involved with landscape installation and design for over 15 years. His experience and knowledge in outdoor living area design and installations include but not limited to: retaining walls, fire pits and fireplaces, pool decks, patios and walkways, plant and sod installation, permeable pavers for storm water solutions and innovative stone work. Jess has earned a reputation as a result-oriented individual that delivers exceptional and innovative results. He focuses on tailoring outdoor space into wonderful landscapes and outdoor living areas. Due to his vision for growth and under his supervision, Innovative Hardscapes division was created in 2015.




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Kasey Jiron has been in the trucking industry for more than 20 years. He began with Innovative Excavation in 2003 and has been an essential part of the growth and expansion of the trucking department. He staffs and manages an experienced professional crew of 18 and provides dump truck, side dump, transport trailer and water truck services to each of the Innovative Companies 6 divisions. As the business continues to grow, he remains focused, organized with a roll up your sleeve and get it done attitude.



ERIC MATTINSON - GENERAL MANAGER ~ Property Maintenance Division

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Eric is an experienced professional with 22 years of extensive background in landscape maintenance and snow removal industry. Eric joined the Innovative team in 2003, and his impact was immediate He is the go-to person for managing the year round property maintenance crews at Innovative and currently manages over 35 employees. Eric is directly involved in scheduling, routing and quality control of all of the Innovative year round maintenance properties. He is also the senior estimator for any new property bids. His experience and work ethic are invaluable to the Innovative organization and our clients.



CRIS KOHLES - GENERAL MANAGER ~ Wasatch Topsoil Division

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Cris started with Innovative Excavation all the way back in 2005 bringing 18 years specific experience with crushing and screening. Cris’s experience with the company has made him a tremendous resource to everyone who walks through our doors. During his time with our company, Cris has performed jobs at every level. He knows our company, the topsoil industry and clients as well as anyone in the company. He brings the highest and most creative level of service to his clientele, which he has never disappointed. With his dedication and unlimited perseverance in a competitive marketplace, Innovative Companies is fortunate to have Cris running the Topsoil Division.




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Scott Foulger began his career with Innovative in 2007. He is ASE certified and brings 14 years mechanical diagnosis, problem-solving and repair experience to our company. Scott is one of the few people in the world, with the unique skills and dedicated craftsmanship, able to keep an entire fleet of construction vehicles and landscape equipment operating. His technical training, problem-solving abilities and talent provide the solutions that keep our companies’ vehicles and equipment operating at full speed, year round.




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Mary Zarr is an accomplished HR professional with over 25 years of HR experience. She started with Innovative in 2003 and is responsible for recruiting and retaining a high performing and motivated workforce. Mary specializes in payroll, staffing, training and talent development, safety and compliance, benefits, and administering employee recognition programs. She is tasked with aligning the human resources department goals and practices with the business goals and objectives. She is very detailed and knowledgeable and has successfully developed and implemented policies and procedures that allows for the success and growth of Innovative Companies.